Vision and Mission

Intro text: 


We will find a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration



We believe it is possible to cure breast cancer through global research and collaboration.
Global collaboration is crucial to making significant advances in breast cancer research: reducing unnecessary duplication of effort, sharing data, enabling collaboration of scientists across borders, contributing to the faster development of better treatments, and increasing the likelihood of cures for patients. This shared vision of BIG's and our members combined with their expertise, make it possible to conduct high quality, credible research.



Our mission is to facilitate and accelerate breast cancer research at the international level. We are proud to be both global and local, helping breast cancer patients from all over the world. We achieve this by stimulating cooperation between our member groups and other academic networks, and collaborating with, but working independently from, the pharmaceutical industry. Linked to over 3.000 hospitals, BIG is the largest international network dedicated solely to breast cancer. Working together towards one goal: to cure breast cancer!



We operate according to a series of principles of research conduct focused on ensuring scientific integrity in trial design and governance. 

These principles aim to eliminate bias from the research process, and maintain integrity vis à vis patients, both when working with pharmaceutical partners or when working alone. Furthermore, all BIG studies are governed by committees and policies to ensure that patients’ best interests stay in focus at every step of the way.