Project Management Leader

Function: Provide senior-level operational leadership for the BIG HQ project management (PM) team.

Team: Research Operations

Reports to: Research Operations Director

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide operational leadership for Project Managers (PMs)team working on clinical trials
    • Work closely with the PM during the set-up of a project, to ensure compliance with BIG principles and processes
    • Review key study documents prepared by the PM, such as charters and policies
    • Review study budgets and contracts
    • Prioritize PM tasks, set timelines and monitor progress
    • Help resolve specific trial-related or other operational project issues
    • Provide close guidance for « sensitive » issues, e.g., timely identifying signs of problems, help addressing them, or escalate as needed.
    • Provide guidance for PM—coordinated meeting preparation and follow-up
    • Participate in internal team meetings
    • Serve as a senior level operational contact for multiple study partners, including academic collaborative research groups, the bio-pharmaceutical industry, and a variety of vendors,  participating in meetings, and supporting PMs in  preparing, and following- up as necessary
  • Perform PM tasks for specific studies / projects, if needed
  • Serve as line manager and direct supervisor for individual PMs
    • Train / coach PMs on BIG guidelines, policies and SOPs
    • Participate in professional development discussions, setting objectives and training plans with PMs
  • Motivate and guide members of the PM team under their supervision  to learn, interpret and apply a variety of complex policies and procedures with minimal guidance
  • Inspire team-work
  • Communicate effectively in multicultural teams within BIG Headquarters and the BIG network, and across organizational boundaries, respecting differences between people from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • Maintain a high level of poise and professionalism while coordinating a diverse variety of daily and special project deadlines simultaneously
  • Work closely with other PMLs, to identify and resolve common PM and trial operational issues to be discussed during recurring the operational team meetings
  • Identify areas of improvement in BIG HQ operations and contribute to its continuous optimization (e.g., development of new procedures, tools, etc.)
  • Participate in initiatives aimed at harmonizing or improving the efficiency of interactions between BIG HQ and BIG member groups
  • Develop training modules for PMs on a need basis, in collaboration with the other PMLs and Research Operations Director (ROD)
  • Support ROD as needed


Acts as back-up for: Research Operations Director, PM Leaders or PMS if needed

Receives back-up from: PM Leaders or Research Operations Director