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Executive Board

The Executive Board provides overall leadership for the organisation, meeting several times a year to develop BIG’s scientific strategy, carry out decisions of the General Assembly, and provide oversight for the association.  BIG Board members are active in the BIG member groups and may serve up to two terms of 4 years each.  Half of any available seats are filled through direct election by the General Assembly and half are appointed by the Board.

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General Assembly

The general assembly (GA) is the body of representatives from BIG member groups who review and endorse important matters of the organisation.  As the the final decision-making body of BIG, the GA discusses and makes decisions about issues of scientific and strategic importance.


The staff at BIG HQ represents a talented group of physicians, scientists, project managers, and jurists, as well as financial, communications and fundraising specialists. They work in teams to develop and conduct clinical trials together with BIG’s member groups, industry and other partners, and raise funds for ambitious academic initiatives. They also manage all aspects of BIG as an international not-for-profit organisation under Belgian law.