Dr Barbro Linderholm

Intro text: 

Interview with Dr Barbro Linderholm, new member of the BIG Executive Board 2017-2021


Dr Linderholm is a medical oncologist based in Sweden and working actively both in the clinic and on research programmes and trials. She currently serves as Senior Associate Professor and Head of the Clinical Trial Unit at the Department of Oncology of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Göteburg, Sweden. She is also affiliated to the Department of Oncology/Pathology at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Dr Linderholm is the Voting Representative of the Swedish Association of Breast Oncologists (SABO), a non-profit organisation member of BIG since 2011, the aim of which is to promote the development of trials in Sweden, but also to increase the participation of patients in international trials. In particular, the group works on developing high quality diagnostic procedures and better treatments and care for patients with advanced breast cancer. Members of SABO also attach great importance to encouraging young and early-career oncologists to get involved in cancer research activities.

When joining BIG, Dr Linderholm said: “[…] we believe in the necessity of large cooperative groups to achieve results from clinical trials within shorter time periods, thus improving breast cancer therapy faster. Taking into account the further subdivision of breast cancer into several molecular subgroups, we do not believe that single research groups can solve relevant issues in an effective way anymore. We consider BIG, acting as umbrella organisation for many academic groups, to have an invaluable qualification to discuss and conduct studies aiming to answer several aspects of breast cancer care.”

About her recent election to the BIG Executive Board, Dr Linderholm said she is very motivated to participate in high quality translational research and to function as a BIG ambassador with the ultimate vision to increase the cure of breast cancer.