Intro text: 

BIG encompasses over 50 members worldwide, which are collaborative research groups or trial data centres represented within the BIG network by one voting and several non-voting delegates. The final decision-making body of BIG is its General Assembly, consisting of the groups’ voting representatives. Some BIG groups are regional, some are national and several are international. Each is associated with several to several hundred member hospitals and investigators, covering thousands of institutions worldwide.  

The common thread between all BIG member groups is their academic spirit and the agreement to uphold principles of scientific independence in the interest of doing the very best for breast cancer patients and ultimately finding cures for the disease.


Membership Benefits

As a BIG member, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Access a framework within which to develop or participate in research programmes and trials that are entirely academically run
  • Potentially change medical practice by working within a large and dynamic academic network, that together with, but scientifically independent from, industry partners can deliver new drugs to the market
  • Take a leading role to propose research ideas that would not be feasible for your group to conduct alone without the collaboration of the BIG network
  • If  involved in developing an academic trial under the BIG umbrella that requires additional financial support, work with BIG’s fundraising team to develop a campaign around it
  • Attend BIG meetings and discuss research issues with breast cancer opinion leaders from  research groups from across the globe
  • To the extent that the study sponsor runs a study in the country(ies) where a group is based, access to promising new drugs or to academic initiatives with patient-focused scientific questions
  • When participating in BIG studies, contribute to faster accrual, especially in niche patient populations, and thus to faster answers to study questions;
  • Potentially participate in cutting-edge translational research related to BIG programmes or trials, including access to biological specimens on a competitive, peer-reviewed basis
  • Access BIG network know-how for the conduct of large global phase III registration trials, as well as earlier phase studies in various settings
  • Link to other important stakeholders in the research process



It is expected that all BIG members:

  • Endorse and strive to uphold BIG’s mission & principles of research conduct
  • Attend General Assemblies and Scientific Meetings to a maximum extent possible
  • Pay membership dues, unless exempted (see below)
  • Identify a voting / main representative to act as primary contact for BIG HQ. Alternatively, to facilitate attendance at meetings and engagement in BIG activities, appoint two individuals as “co-voting” representatives, with the understanding that the group has only one vote.
  • Are responsive to requests coming from the BIG Headquarters.



Membership to BIG is open to breast cancer focused collaborative research groups or data centres from around the world. It allows its members to interact regularly and to collaborate in clinical trials and translational research. 

Groups interested in joining BIG should review the BIG-01-Vision, Mission & Principles of Research Conduct, BIG's Legal Statutes, the Governance Manual, the Guidelines for Official Representatives, and submit a Membership Application Form. The application form should be sent to

According to BIG's procedures, membership applications are only discussed once a year during the General Assembly that is held in June during ASCO. If your group is interested in joining BIG, kindly send us your application no later than 31 March of a given year.